Weekend Roller Coaster Yee – hah Bangalore Metro Fun Ride

Folks, I have my Big 4 interview scheduled post noon today( as I am so desperately hunting for a job ), for which i am supposed to be fanatically brushing up my Accounting Standards. But look what i am up to? I just couldn’t resist from blogging about my Metro Fun ride. The moment my husband stepped out of home to catch his Samsung 7.40 AM cab, i made myself a steaming hot cup of coffee and here I am right in front of my 4 plus year old Sony Vaio dusty screen to unleash my thoughts.

Namma Metro, the first stretch between MG Road and Baiyyappanahalli is finally up and running.Trains run from 6 AM to 10 PM in the night at a frequency of 15 minutes. We were returning from my husband’s colleague’s daughter’s birthday party via MG road from Bellandur. I got a call by around 11 AM from Naukari World asking to urgently register for a fab opening with HDFC Bank and Kotak by 12.30 PM the very same day. Due to interrupted reception in my nexus, Bangalore traffic and raising for time to make for the birthday party, I missed that wonderful opportunity. To cheer me up( I am still not out of it for missing that golden chance), my husband on our way back home, suggested we would gear ourselves up with the Metro ride. Initially, i was not keen about the whole thing. But then asked myself ” WHY NOT”??









To my surprise,neat stations, clear announcements, tight security, every one minute whistling rail staffs who never allowed us to click snaps, RFID metro tickets which freaked the hell out of me???  I had a doubt running through my “not so common like” mind,just like we have passes for Volvo buses,Can I buy 5 tokens and not use them on the very same day??Guess my husband read my mind and clarified saying tickets are to be used the very same day within 30 minutes of purchase. Good that i didn’t embarrass myself asking the most trivial question.

No traffic signals, mild air conditioning, and throw away price tickets – HIGHLIGHTS of Metro.

BMRCL has constructed a boulevard adjacent to MG Road metro station, which has musical fountain with colored lights, unique flowering trees, traditional looking lamp posts,Gandhi center, Art gallerias,  Play area, the yummilicious Dasaprakash eating joint,Friendship point, upper walkway,Info wall and many more.

Creativity is more than just being different.Anybody can plan wierd, that’s easy.Making the simple, awesomely simple is creativity i believe. Children were asked to unleash their imagination on the metro rails. When the others struggled to crayon bogies and rails and tracks and compartments and rails, hats off to this art. Simply creative.


Any bangalorians still left out there to experience the Namma Metro- Dont miss it.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Roller Coaster Yee – hah Bangalore Metro Fun Ride

  1. priya’s picture is revealing of the improved traffic system that is presented to the people of bangalore. i had an opportunity to travel in washington metro and i find that both compare well. perhaps bangalore metro will have more features being of recent construction. thanks to pri ya. thanks are also to her husband without whose prodding priya would not have traveled that day

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