Wake Up Sid….Wake Up…..

downloadWatched my all time favorites “Wake up Sid” movie yesterday.If my memory doesn’t deceive me, the 19th time.In case you folks have not watched the same,grab the CD right away.It’s a must watch cinema.

The film takes place in contemporary Mumbai and tells the story of a spoiled careless,rich kid who is taught the meaning of life by Aisha,an aspiring writer from Calcutta.

Ayan Mukherji shows us Sid struggling with accounting the night before his final exam. He’s had four cups of coffee( i think four, not sure whether its more than that) and stays up till 3 am but he doesn’t get past the first question.This is one of my favourite scene in the film, probably because it reminds me of my darling Sisi and me myself during our Chartered Accountant Preps Study Hols. “Returns Outwards not included in Sales” Classic !!!

There is a lovely little scene in which Sid makes a cake for Aisha’s birthday. Awwwww…..That scene when Sid is photographing a mother cuddling up her kid. In a flash, Sid becomes aware of his own love for his mother. Or Sid’s outburst at Aisha at the fag end when she calls him a bachcha. After the outburst, a teary-eyed Aisha smiles at Sid. It’s the moment when she realizes that Sid is no more a kid. I can go on and on.

download (1)But honestly, the one who blew me away is Konkona Sen Sharma. One of the most talented actresses in India today, she is totally convincing as the young, independent career-woman and makes her character very easy to relate to thanks to her natural acting and no-nonsense attitude. Oh, and she is simply gorgeous here. I must note that I did not expect Ranbir and Konkona to form a romantic couple, but they proved me wrong.

Now for the music, the TRIO, Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy, known for their hit and melodious soundtracks, ULTIMATE. Karan Johan + SEL+ Javed Akthar = Let me go to Thesaurus for an apt word . Have you noticed SEL’s music compositions? The song begins very slowly and then it picks up pace.

  1. KYA KAROON, good experiments with instruments, melodious and fast,be ready to tap your feet, lots of flavour, lots of instuments, lots of emotions, WOW WOW Clinton.
  2. AAJ KAL ZINDIGI -Inspirational, Fast beat towards the end of the song adds a lot of zing to it. Hats off Javed Sahab. “Tere liye nayee hai zameen naya aasman”.
  3. IKTARA – First in my playlist. I have pestered Nitin for the translation. Kavitha’s captivating voice. A Hindustani Composition.Heavy dose of guittar strumming.The best song in the album.
  4. Life is Crazy -Brimming with Vibrancy and energy. Certainly a fab song to hum all the way. Sure hit among youngsters.

download (2)I would call the movie and music “flawless”.There are five things which make the movie a delightful affair. It has constant flow throughout,no over the top or understated drama,no ultra emotional strangulation of audiences, no yippee cool dude act and last but not the least,its an original refreshing movie.No matter I movie the same a million times,I wouldn’t get bored of it…


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