Unposted Letter-250x250After the Namma Metro first time super-duper  experience , Rahul and me decided to explore retail stores in and around the station. We had masala dosai and coffee at the widely known  Indian Coffee House ( Love the waiters  outfit, especially the cap). Clicked some candid pictures in the Nikon L810 which my sister gifted recently. On our way back to our TATA MANZA, got into Higginbothams as there was a sale going on. As always drawn to my best loved section “ SELF HELP/MANAGEMENT”,zeroed to Mahatria Ra’s UNPOSTED LETTERS. ( I have attended his discourses on Infinitheism, but reading his book for the first time.)None other than the Editor of FROZEN THOUGHTS.

 Unposted Letter is a short, crisp, write-up  published in each issue of Frozen Thoughts.  When you read the book, if you go ahead with clarity, implementation becomes much easier and desirable.

“700 million sperms dart from the man towards that one stationary egg in the woman, and only the healthiest and fastest sperm makes it.” After this line, I felt I am reading some biology textbook. But folks, these are from Unposted Letters. Let me post them into your heart. “.So every human being is that winning sperm which proved in its own way that it was one up on the remaining 700 million of its kind,”it further explains.

The next time you feel a loved one is being tough on you, lines from the chapter “Pampering weakens you. Love creates you” will play in your mind. To a lot of people, being loved means loved ones should always be soft with them, should always agree to what they say, never complain or criticise, never push them beyond comfort zones, basically leave them as they are. Pampering, in the Voice of RA is- love me only the way I want to be loved. Whereas Love is not love that pampers. It creates you.Well said.

However, it is banal at some places. For instance, chapter titles like “There is no easy way to the top”, “Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people” and “Good communication will serve a relationship” sound cliché.

Ra says Postphonement is the signature of underacheievers. There is no such days as ‘one of these days’. Today is the day. If tomorrow comes, I will tell tomorrow “ I have already done it yesterday’. Ultimate!

Easy to comprehend, brief chapters on customer management,personal/professional attitude, relationships,happiness, productivity, success vs failure, hardwork, Procastination, life, emotions,optimism, time management etc and without doubt, the big emphasis is YOU.This book brings about self-revelations that one can relate to everyday instances.

The beauty of this book is Sheer Simplicity. Power package.Open any page, an answer is seeking the seeker. Is anybody’s birthday round the corner?Ggift this book. The perfect Birthday gift ever.


2 thoughts on “UNPOSTED LETTERS – In The Voice of RA

  1. Agree!!! Better way to gift the book is to read it fully and gift the same book to others… ha, RA will chase me if he reads this (on a lighter note though)..
    Good Blog…


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