Are you a Billionaire?

Suppose you win a lottery of 1 billion rupees.( FYI, 1 billion is …… Let me Google…my reception is slow mates…if I am not wrong, it’s a 100 crores???And of course, 1 billion post tax.) What will you do with that money?

First of all, I will pay my card dues and EMI’s and personal loans….

Let me set apart 1 million for that. Then??

I will buy a posh house for me.

Okay. Another 7 million for that. Then?

I will get a sexy car without doubt.

Hmm mm. Another 2 million for that.

Fill my wardrobe with designer clothes.

5 lacs is fine I guess.

Blue ray discs, home theatres and what not.

10 million…Then??


“Have never had a chance to even dream of 1 billion rupees. Then how do we know how to manage the same?” I am sure this is what that’s reeling through your mind reading the first half of the blog. This is it. We frame our own imagination, thoughts, dreams, aspirations and what not based on our present situation.

Are you going to be put behind bars for dreaming of earning a billion? Do you need any status to dream for a billion? If you are not rich, should your mind also think like you are not rich? You will earn for yourself only what you think of. Those who believe they can’t, CANNOT.

Think large. Think as a billionaire. Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really really believe, your mind will find ways and means to achieve it. Look at things as not what they are, but as what they can be. Instead of digging graves, build castles., cant you?

As Donald Trump said “ Anyways you have to think, then why not think BIG? So stop singing the poverty line, “ I am blessed only with this”…”I am an unlucky person”..Your fate is shaped by your thoughts. And that is the universal law.

Do you want to be labelled a poverty minded person or a billionaire minded person? Decide for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Are you a Billionaire?

    • Lol !!! I wish all your dreams come true..I wish i had a delete button in my life. So that i can delete some feelings, some people, some memories and so on.


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