Ali Ali Ali !!! Up Up A R Rahman !!!

download (1)Highway – soundtrack album composed by A.R.Rahman, directed by Imtiaz Ali that stars Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, released on 24th January 2014 in T Series with 9 tracks in toto.

After “ Rockstar”, Imtiaz Ali and the Indian Beethovan have teamed up for Highway. Adding music to a love story is a cakewalk, but adding music to the film of a Highway Journey is a different ballgame altogether. Expected Rockstar  excellance, but it went a step further. From melody to lyrics, Highway is one distinguished work from the maestro

The movie starts on a very soothing note with Patakha Guddi – a Sufi number. Thumping and energetic. Nooran sisters along with Rahman do it exceptionally well. Ali Ali Ali- the song will make you feel free spirited. The track has everything that will keep you hooked onto it till the very end – good lyrics, feel good vibe, vibrant music, outstanding vocals.I personally feel this song should have  been titled Ali Ali. It would have managed to connect better and create enhanced impact. This one is about celebration of freedom and Rahman has managed to bring that emotion out through his music stunningly well. A must hear,

Maahi Ve – a love ballad, sung by the Mozart of Madras  himself comes next. Rahman’s voice + Expressive lyrics – That song is in shuffle mode in my ipod. I am sure it will be the same in your gadget too the moment you hear it once. Beautiful compostion. His husky tone adds extra charm to the meaningful lyrics. I started hearing this number and I was in my own imaginative world. I was dancing to this tune in the middle of Mount road traffic today when I wanted to get to the other side of the road waiting for the signal to colour green. That’s the power of AR Rahman.Rahman doesn’t sing often now, but Highway is an excpetion.

Other numbers being :

  • Kahaan Hoon Main – Heart touching number. You might not like it instantly, but re hear the track, Jonita’s voice will mesmerize you
  • Sooha Sahaa – Melodious lullaby. It is the bit sung by Alia Bhatt that will steal your heart away for its splendid expression. Sample this, ‘Kyun Na Soye… Kyun Tu Roye…Kyun Tu Khoye Yun Pardes Mein’.Alia’s innocent voice -Speechless
  • Wanna Mash Up- Odd man out in the album.Not because of the English lyrics, but for the reason that it is Very urban. Similar to Jai Ho in Slumdog millionaire
  • Tu Kuja – Sunidhi Chauhan’s powerful voice.  Devotional number. Her enigmatic voice mixed with music gives a Western effect which has the capability to keep the listeners latched to the number.
  • Imposive Silence – Jonitas voice + Rahman’s instrumental experimentation makes this song a wonder. Longest track which runs to almost six minutes if I am not wrong.
  • Heera – Situational song. Folksy flavour. Rooted in classical music. Violins and bells in between by AR is exceptionally innovative.

So plug in your ear plugs right away folks, and be ready for the magical and powerful musical experience.

Sugar, lemon, ginger pot, It’s always Rahman at the super top….



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