6407710d6aaf7429450f6a7067003466_r620x349If you have to choose which one to DVD amongst a bunch of 281 CD’s, I would admit without hesitation that it’s a million times tougher than clearing CA exam with exemption in the first attempt. Zeroed down to final films completed by Paul Walker before he dies in the car crash – HOURS!! Many tributes were paid to the handsome charming 40 year old, known for his undercover lawman in Fast and Furious movies. Paul Walker produced this film while this is the directional debut venture of Heisserer.

The movie is set in New Orleans hospital, a father struggling to keep his new-born baby alive when Katrina gains more urgency. Nolan gets into the hospital with his wife, Abigail (I am so much in love with that name) in premature labor as the hurricane gains full strength. His child had to be kept in ventilator and his wife dies in 5 hours of delivery.

Once the flood water rises, the hospital is forced to evacuate. This leaves the father and the child alone as the ventilator cannot be moved. Nolan will spend 42 hours in the hospital, without power as the back-up generator fails, cranking up the battery every two minutes, guarding his new-born hooked up to an IV,speaking to his silent daughter by pulling out photos of her mother ( including the wedding and engagement ring)- put them on top of the ventilator, hunting for refill bags, changing diapers for the first time, looking for radio transmission when he loses cell phone reception, rushing to roof top back and forth failing to flag down a helicopter.

All the while, he has to return so very meticulously to crank the battery, again and again.

Walker manages both to be tender and tough. Hours follow a fairly predictable path. But it’s at its best when it’s so quiet. There is no way to look at the movie except though the “tragic lens”. Nolan is working hard here, and has to carry the entire show, but many of the interactions he has with his co-actors are flimsy and melodramatic. Hours gave me a “127 hours” feel that Nolan is stuck in the same room doing the same thing over and over again. If you ask me how is the movie – Tense, sad  strange and uniquely involving. The film has done a good job with hurricane as a backdrop, incorporating real realities of what went on –looting, abandoned hospitals, evacuations. To see Nolan at his best, Hours is worth the time.


4 thoughts on “Hours

  1. two movies I liked much lately was: Enders Game(From that famous book) Grown Ups 2(With Adam Sandler So FUNNY) 😀


  2. Worth the time? I will take your advice with it. I think I will wait until a few more of Walker’s films are released before jumping into this one. Wasn’t huge on his acting ability, but the guy did seem like he loved what he did. That is a remarkable quality!


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