Finally Fitness 9

So I have finally decided to shed my tires. If I need to pen down my first day atFITNESS 9, here you go ” Tricky, Confusing, Intimidating and Noisy”.

As i stepped into the fitness center with my lumpy thighs for the first time, I was surprised and in awe. Though I have been to a gym when I was at Doshi, I had no trainer for me. Using the gym was part of the maintenance charges we paid. I mean, obviously if i had to pay 1200/- for a month at Fitness 9, I should at least have a trainer, right???
Every instrument was looking so confusing and complicated. I have just used Treadmill, Cycling and Stepper to look super stunning in the last to last year, because my family felt youngsters didn’t want me as their life partner, as I was out of shape????
I dressed with my maroon t shirt and black tracks,wore sketchers, carried my pink tupperware filled with H2O and my audiobook (Nexus which my husband gifted on my first bday after getting wedded) which would be my friend on the treadmill.
Entering into a fitness facility is like walking into a funfair. New faces. Assortment of physical appearances. Like entering a small town where everyone are inevitably involved in one group or the other.
If you really want to have a great time at the gym , i personally feel you should understand the people and make right friends. apart from Pari (my trainer) , made friends with Divya , a fashion designer and also bumped into Jyothi ( she stayes in the ground floor where my MIL lives).
After all cycling and  stretching exercises and steppers and  treadmilling and weights and cramps and pain, right now relaxing with my green label filter coffee..


3 thoughts on “Finally Fitness 9

  1. I’m at the point in my gym when I hate that I know everyone. I go with one buddy five or six times a week, but have to go through the process of saying hello to so many people when all I want to do is lift up some weights and work out haha. Anti-social? Sometimes, but it is a gym after-all!

    Hope you enjoy your fitness training!


    • So we are totally opposite when it comes to this….

      When it comes to me, more than the weights, i love to yap and yap and yap….eat their heads…

      Had we been gymming in the same centre, you would have been my prey for sure….he he he…You would have hated me to the core….Awwwwww……


      • Haha well I’m not rude and if I haven’t started my workout yet, I do tend to talk to people. It is just when I start that I become quiet and work hard throughout. The weights become my best friend for an hour!


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