A Peep into Myself

1)      Whose day will I make today?

Mmmm….. Guess what? I have packed two big jars of Samiya Kheer in a plastic cover in his black Samsung back pack for his VLSI Millers team. Oh Oh…I am sorry, he is shifted to his new office from Millers. So read it as “for his K R Puram clang?”

And I was jumping in my house when I got a message in my  inbox from his co-worker, Swati which goes on as: “ Hey Priya, thanks for the payasam (Kheer). It was too good. I was on leave yesterday…didn’t know you were sending across sweet for us. It was a great surprise”.. OMG OMG OMG.

Mani texted to express that more than the taste and flavor, he was moved by my effort to prepare the same for his team.

Can the day be more perfect?

2)      When did someone else last make my day?

I was on top of the world day before when I got a watsapp image from my sweetest darling baby doll, btw she is Divisha, the youngest in my friends list,…The best things in life are considered Priceless, they are not considered things..This image is definitely PRICELESS..Love her so much..My name has never seemed so beautiful to me till I got that picture in my cellphone.IMG-20140319-WA0001

3)      How might the way I live my life be a source of inspiration to others?

I have among st my circles who constantly check emails, Facebook, Twitter. Why is it so important to know what Rahul Gandhi is saying on twitter now… what does it matter what friend is eating what and posting to Facebook. I’m not saying drop them completely, but  limit your intake. Unplug yourself. I take few minutes each morning, 10minutes at lunch and then again before I hit the bed. Otherwise, close it off. If it’s a big deal, you’ll hear about it in the morning. If it’s truly a personal issue, have them call you. Not only will you have more personal productive time, you’ll likely have less anxiety caused by other’s need to vent negative feelings.

Life is too short to waste any amount of time wondering what other people think about you.  What are important to me is not others’ opinions of me, but what’s important to me is my opinion of myself.

4)      If my life could teach, what would the first lesson be?

I never miss an opportunity to celebrate and elevate another person. That’s what my close friends say about me. I uphold that the quality of life comes down to the quality of relationships. With your customers, neighbours, friends,co workers, loved ones, and of course yourself. Commit to insanely great relationship and I bet you will have an insanely great life.Just follow these like I do, its not difficult mates:

  • Be the first to say hello when you bump against another person.
  • Use people’s names. It shows you care and respect them
  • Offer sincere compliments. Anyways you don’t have to pay for it. Leave people feeling better than you found them.
  • Smile a lot. Its one of the best ways to have someone open up to you
  • Become a great listener. It shows you are breath takingly humble. It shows you are interested. I have come across people wherein they wait until the other person is finished speaking so that he can interject.

5) What can make my life better?

Music Music Music…it has helped me a lot. Its given all the peace when I ached for it, the joy when I was going through my tough times, the inspiration when I lost hop. All what matters is how much music do you invite into your life. I music when I sleep, when I work, when I study, when I relax, when I am hurt, when I am mood spoilt, when I super happy, when cook, when I bathe, when I am me and when I am out of my mind. It has made every moment of mine better.

Good day readers


14 thoughts on “A Peep into Myself

  1. Inspiring Post..It is important to find one’s true calling and you have put in yours beautifully.All the very best and keep blogging.


  2. Nice post. Thanks for the 5 points for a good relationship 🙂 🙂 …..U work in VLSI. BTW u get that much time a day? I work in on the same, but have not got that much time.


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