For a change, dear readers, I am not here today to give free self help advice. Let me write about my weekend ride in our Manza to a capsicum farm, FLORICA, owned by my husband’s friend, Ramesh, which is around 33kms from my house. Ramesh had been consistently inviting the newly married couple to his vegetable garden. And finally, yesterday was that D day. I shamelessly admit that remembering road names at Bangalore is close to impossible, but if my memory doesn’t deceive me, this heavenly farm is located past Chandapura.

 After bananas, the next in my favourite list is CAPSICUM! CAPSICUM! CAPSICUM! Yipppeeeee…. I was so excited about this picnic like a baby, that I packed my camera ( but foolish me I forgot to charge the batteries????) , umbrellas, munchies and eats, lots of mp3’s in my SanDisk, Calicut famous halwa for Ramesh and his family to delight their taste buds. I dressed up in my favourite white color salwar as my friend hinted, white would look elegant and graceful and stunning and whatsoever, when I pose for snaps for my Nikon in between the bushy capsicum creepers.

I was so elated when Ramesh’s father said we are at Tamilnadu border. OMG !!!  I would give my life for Chennai. Can you imagine, that I made kheer when Jayalalitha won the elections? That sums it all folks.

Now lets get into business. CAPSICUMS….They are grown under shade net houses or greenhouses to get good quality and better yield round the year. Adequate moisture must be available in the soil at the time of plantation.I witnessed a raised bed of red laterite soil, which was highly porous, well drained, providing adequate aeration for root development. If I am not wrong, the seedling was sown in two rows on the raised beds with plastic mulch on order to save water and it checked the growth of weeds.











Some varieties are very vigorous & plant can become as tall as 10 feet plus and they produce about 4 – 5 kg fruits on one plant in their life cycle. As stems are weak, they need support system. Plant stem after transplantation is tied by a plastic or nylon string. Twines are vertical ropes that are tied to horizontal wires on the ceiling at one end and to the crop at another end. If the wire is weak it will break and lead to losses.





Harvesting of capsicum is done at green, breaker and coloured (red/ yellow etc.) stage. Harvesting starts after 60 to 75 days after transplanting. Harvesting at the proper stage of maturity, careful and minimal handling of the produce will help in maintaining better fruit quality and reduce storage losses. Harvesting of capsicum is done by skilled worker in green house and kept in plastic containers and send to the packaging hall.

The capsicums should be graded into same size and color lots according to market requirements.Sorting is done on the basis of shape and weight of capsicum.





Now, the heart and soul of FLORICA – RAMESH AND KAVITHA!!! I will always cherish Florica for their genuine and sincere hospitality, non spicy buttermilk, steaming hot samiya kheer, sweet lemon juice which has never tasted better ever, mahindra bolero, the humidity which the greenhouse showered on me and the list would go and on.



Last but not the least, let me introduce with pride the new brand ambassador for FLORICA capsicums, the ravishing, the beautiful, the stunning, the gorgeousness herself. Here you goooooooooooo….






  1. capsicums are one among the good looking vegetables! For a moment you might have felt like owning a farm yourself, and feeling like a farmer. For a mundane IT professionals job farming seems attracting, however its quite a laborious job and nature is the ultimate manager. Wonderful pics ! Although I would prefer the pic sizes to be bigger for more appeal.


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