Can you believe the whole city is painted PINK???

May 1st to May 4th, is undoubtedly the best time of my life. If Almighty appears right in front of me with a boon, I would want to turn back time to those FOUR memorable days. I will cherish my visit to the pink city with my beloved pal, Nitin , till eternity. Miss the genuine family time I experienced with Nitin’s Papa, Mum and my ever loving Divisha.  I was more comfortable at Manasarovar, Aravali Marg than with my own self.  Blood relation is not a criterion at all to be family. I feel happiness is to have a large, loving, caring, closely knit family in another city. And that is exactly what this blog is about readers.

I was at my best outfit; still now vividly remember my white banyan with bluish feminine embroidery in the centre. I reached the airport much ahead of time. Thanks to Bangalore Volvos. I decided to check in with Nitin. Grabbed a tea from Chai point, made myself comfortable in the steel chairs right opposite to gate number 8 with Rolf’s “The art of thinking clearly”. I was so engrossed in the book that I didn’t even notice Nitin waiting behind my seat to get my attention? That’s what he says. I am sure he is exaggerating.

After check in, came to know that our flight were delayed by 45 minutes. Window shopped. Got Divisha’s Ferro Rocher from the airport chocolate store. Discussed at length about liquor chocolate may be because we had nothing left to discuss. Ha Ha Ha.

Finally boarded the flight after cold coffee at CCD. Nitin was deeply depressed that he found no air hostesses of his taste. We prayed at least in our return journey, he could treat his eyes with some beautiful ravishing girls. God is so great, that in our return back to Bangalore, he entertained himself with Daisy Dee, though he got bored after staring at her for half an hour??? Guys are so very much Guys. Lol.

Nitin is blessed with a wonderful family. Got introduced to his mamaji’s, mami’s, cousin brothers and sister’s, grandparents and loads of relatives. Skyped with his sister for hours together who is at Germany. Even for a moment, I never felt I was meeting them for the first time. Felt at home.  Ate from a single plate. Could genuinely feel  so much of love, concern, care, freedom, comfort, attention, security?? Hats off. Slept like a baby without fear or tension.

Apart  from the family time and 2 States movie at Crystal Palm, the next best is “SIGHTSEEING”.

DAY 3 = Uncle’s Masala Chai + Sabudana Vada for breakfast + Govind dev Ji temple + Hawa Mahal + City Palace + Albert Hall Museum + Orange candy at Jantar Mantar + Amer Fort + Jaigarh Fort had the world’s biggest cannon on wheels + Kulfi at Jal Mahal + Shopping at Indira Bazar + Birla Mandir + Rambagh Palace + Crystal Palm + World Trade Park + Sumptuous north Indian lunch at Legendary + Kohle ki Hanumanji + Dungri Ganapathi + Ice cream at Relaince + Pizza Hut + Kuzhalappam + 44 degrees temperature + etc etc etc

Can you believe a whole city is painted pink? You better believe it readers.  JAIPUR – capital city of the colorful state of Rajasthan, famous for its unique and outstanding architecture worldwide – one of the best planned cities in the world – located in the desert lands – Paris of India – planned according to vasthu shastra for the comfort and prosperity of the citizens – streets, walls, forts, markets, gardens, monuments and all other architecture is a state of art. I can go and on, folks.

Let me share some amazing facts about Jaipur. Or let me rephrase it as“ Believe it or not” or “Do you Know” ???

  • When I was out in the road, I noticed each street and market of the city was directed from East to West or North to South?
  • 0141 is the STD code of Jaipur
  • Jaipur was not always a Pink city. It was painted pink in 19th century to welcome the Prince of Wales.
  • The largest exporter of diamond, gold and stone in Asia
  • The only city in the world to finish blue diamond

Funny things to do at Jaipur

  • Elephant ride specially on the way to Amber fort
  • Camel ride
  • Wear Pagadi
  • Enjoy Hukkah
  • Tracing Mehandi
  • Wear Rajasthani apparels
  • Play Iktara
  • Fly a kite
  • Win hearts by speaking Rajasthani language.

Let me conclude by writing travel isn’t fun if you didn’t get to see or do what is wanted, it would merely be a different type of work in a different place.

Miss Jaipur !!! Miss Family !!! Miss home!!! Miss me!!!





2 thoughts on “Can you believe the whole city is painted PINK???

  1. So elephant and camel rides sound fun? Canada…obviously…does not have those haha! A pink city sounds awesome. I just looked it up and the pictures are quite impressive! What a beautiful place!


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