Arjith Singh, the name has become synonymous with the musical blockbuster, Aashiqui 2.  ‘’When I am singing a song, I begin by figuring out how each frame will be picturised and accordingly give a natural feel to the song,’’ Arjith says. Bestowed with a brilliant voice texture, he is natural when it comes to putting life and soul in a song. When I goggled for Arjith Singh, I found a chap with rugged looks, long, ruffled curly hair staring at me. Innocence reflects from his eyes and then, there is a smile that equals it. What many people may not know about him is that Arjith likes producing a song more than singing it.  ‘’I have been producing songs for quite some time now. In fact in the long run, I do not see myself as a playback singer, but more as a song producer,’’ he asserted. The understanding of music and his upbringing has added to the talents of this new age icon of passionate bolly-music.

Here is the best of Arjith Singh for music maniacs.

1)    Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2

tum hi ho

Magnificent music, verily germane lyrics, sonorous singing –embracing all the elements of a romantic song. The song picks up blandly with the supple sound of piano, and very softly flows through soft drum kicks, tender mouth organ, claps and supportive strings. Arjith’s heartwarming voice, soulful and tranquil lyrics and expressive singing is the heart of the song. A beautiful romantic melody. Masterpiece!

2)    Raabta from Agent Vinod


A solo by Arjith. The best track in the album I should say. The extra beat provides the extra zing and ensure that one can’t resist playing the song in shuffle mode for hours at a stretch. Be it a reprise or an unplugged version, Singh’s voice will take you places in musical heaven. Intoxicating.

3)    Phir Mohabbat from Murder 2

phirA song doesn’t have to be “all singing and dancing” to make an impact, sometimes its just as effective to use the softly softly approach. The composition is exact opposite of ‘Aye Khuda’, very slow with haunting strings repeatedly playing in the background which has an effect of hypnotizing you.

4)    Jho Bheji Thi Duaa from Shanghai



“Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai

Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa”

 Thanks to Nitin’s HTC!!! I heard this song for the first time enroute Jaipur when Nitin was very much held up with Daisy Dee.  Duaa has one of the most beautiful beginnings to a song  have heard in a long time. Such a lovely mix of western flavoured tones with Indian layers added in pure gorgeousness. There is a haunting cry in the background that really adds to the feeling and mood.

5)    Phir Le Aaya Dil from Barfi



 The romantic lyrics and gently ghazal like arrangement are a refreshing change from the high pitched, pulsating Hindi film music. Arjith’s vocals are just brilliant. In this number, I feel the music was deepened to match his voice and it worked like magic. Just love everything about this track. The classic Indian flavored beats in the music with many layers of percussion, full of perfect sounds and tones.

Hey readers, when i listen to Arjith, i realize after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Life is like a beautiful melody mates, only the lyrics are messed up.





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