Naan Nee Song Review from Madras

Movie : Madras

Singers : Dheekshitha, Shakthishree Gopalan

Lyrics : Uma Devi

Naan Nee exposes the AR Rahman side of Santhosh. The role of the string section and the minimalistic backbeat too add to the similarities. The violins take the centre stage for a change in Santhosh’s number.

The song starts off without an apt prelude and takes it own time to set the mood for melody. Nevertheless, after the first minute, Shakthishree pulls us into the song with her magnetic vocals. Deekshitha contributes in right measure to Shakthi’s enthralling show.

A pleasant orchestration and Shakthishree and Dheekshitha’s mesmerizing vocals make this one winner. To sum it up, a captivating melody and instant earworm.

Don’t miss this one!


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