Why Cultivate Friends?

Do you know how much people indirectly contribute to our growth? The loving words of such people that spring from a beautiful mind filled with joy, good will, and concern for our growth, and their loving intimacy, in fact, brings many successes in our lives.

My boss during my three years of CA article ship is an amazing gentleman. If you meet this wonderful personality, all your worries will vanish into thin air. There is no need for him to pick up a conversation with you or to inquire about your welfare. He is filled with so much of positive vibes that his presence is enough to facilitate the miracle. He is an exceptional well wisher who always thinks of welfare of others.

It so happened, my boss once asked me over lunch table, ” Priya, Do you have any problem?” I replied ” I was suffering so much those days, Sir. Now I have progressed very well and am contended. I would like to thank GOD for that.” He immediately responded saying ” Piyu, it is not GOD you should thank. You should thank those people who wished you well. Only because of their sincere wishes, you are doing well.” What a powerful thought.

That day i realized your progress is just not in your hands. It is decided depending upon the quality of people surrounding you. It is so true. Our growth depends upon the people with positive vibes, people who congratulate us from the bottom of their hearts, and those who rejoice in our growth as if it is their own.

Make sure you always are in the company of people who admire you, pat you on the back and tell you the truth always. They are real tonic for your self confidence and achievement ,mates.It is a fact that your mind gets energized by praises and genuine adulations. Their enthusiasm and genuine words encourage us even more and bring out the best in you.

Just read through this conversation I had with a friend of mine two days back:

Piyu : Hey dear, how are you?

Friend : How am I? Yea… Just pulling on.

Piyu : How are all at home? Convey my love to them.

Friend: What problem for them? No problem… Only i have to slog for them.

Piyu: Hey, cheer up. Life will have ups and downs.

Friend: Don’t know what to do. Am clueless. By the way i heard that your job is going belly up. What’s happening?

Piyu : Quite hectic in the work front. But still managing

Friend: What will you manage? just make sure you don’t end up in the street.

Piyu: How is work for you?

Friend : Don’t worry. I too will soon join you in the street.

In this conversation, the words shattered confidence and showed irritation. If you keep their company, you will be swamped by negative thoughts.

Your mind is like a mother. If someone praises you, she will be glad. It will take you higher and higher. The love and respect for adulations will make you work hard to continue to get them. You won’t get lazy, just because you keep yourself by your well wishers.

It is true that adulations help to keep your morale very high. Just look at the awards and accolades that Maser Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar receives. It is almost impossible to keep track of them. He has broken almost all the records in the field of cricket. There has been no dearth of achievements and heart throbbing moments. Even though he has crossed 34000 runs we still clap when he strikes a boundary. Why do we do it? It is just to encourage him. With the might of all the support and enthusiasm behind him, he will whack the next ball for a huge six. Even when legends like him need our constant support, what about us mortals? When you favorite Sachin enters the stadium, and your friend predicts ” Sachin is going to get out for a duck”. You immediately jump to shut his mouth. Why? If ten people spread this negative energy, you fear, Sachin will definitively out for a duck. That is what we dread the most. Negative energy.

People who express lack of faith in you, people who do not trust you and people who don’t believe in your vision, you should shut them out of your life.

“Your mind is like a garbage can.Keep it upside down. Or else, people will dump all their garbage there. Whoever throws garbage in mind, cant be your friend”ย 


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