Indian Summer with Anoushka Shankar

Indian Summer with Anoushka Shankar – I am so addicted to the music that flows from Anoushka’s Sitar . I just cant express the immense pleasure, the joy, the freedom, the happiness i experience deep down when her tracks play in my iPod.

I have my Forex exams round the corner. I have trained myself since childhood to get along with academics while music hits the four walls of my room so hard, that i don’t feel the strain of progressing with my daily targets. But when it comes to Anoushka’s Sitar strings, I become so blank that i cant concentrate on anything but her Sitar. What’s happening to me? I just want to crawl into the space in between the notes and curl back to my loneliness.

The base notes in her track ” Indian Summer” from ” Traces of You” – especially from the 18th second to 1.26, in the link below, I just wish I can pen down the feelings that rush through me when the track plays during those few seconds. Tears trickle down my cheeks each time I hear this track, because I am not able to contain the Laya involved in Indian Summer. It’s way beyond what i can take in.

I feel, ” Traces of You” talks about the journey of love, change and loss. Having lost her father during the process of recording, it is inevitable that her loss became the central focus of her songwriting. However the music is ultimately hopeful than mournful, as whilst losing her father, Anoushka was occupied raising her son, Zubin. Intense joy, pain and sadness intermingled in this album. No doubt, she has seen the album as a whole rather than seeing it as a series of songs. Three forms of love, love for her father, her husband, and her son, proved to be the ultimate inspiration for some of the deepest music Anoushka has yet written

It is filled with sensuality, but also makes an impassioned plea for all of us to realize that despite our widely varying social, cultural, religious and geographical circumstances, our fundamental human experiences are broadly similar.

If GOD comes in front of me with a boon right now, I just want to give Anoushka a warm hug for the heavenly music she has given birth to.


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