Music Makes Life Awesome

It’s 2.07PM. I just had my lunch. I am at my work place. My team has gone out for a short walk. And I am writing in my journal. (Journaling is all about talking to yourself. I believe it is a voyage to the interior) Reflecting. And listening to Arijith Singh’s “Humaari Adhoori  Kahaani”. I love it. Now let me ask you a question. How much of music do you invite in your life?

Music has helped me to get through my painful times. It’s offered me inspiration when I needed it, joy when I craved it and peace when I ached for it. It makes my life very colorful, happening alive and happy. Music will make every moment better. It is a soundtrack to a brilliant life. Don’t you feel music touches us emotionally where words alone can’t?

Without Music to decorate life, time is just a bunch of boring deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid. I just cant thank Music for being there with me always.


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