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Life is all about choices.

The most important of all human traits is the power to choose. To choose how we live. To choose what we get to do. To choose how we will view and consider a circumstance. To choose what we want to love.

For instance, last Sunday, I planned to shop art supplies from Itsy Bitsy to make personalized greeting cards . All geared up to shop craft materials for myself. Created my “To Buy” list which housed around 13 items in my Barbie Post It note. Wore my favorite dress. Booked an OLA cab to drive me down to Banashankari Second stage. But it started raining heavily with thunder storms. I could have grumbled. Instead, I cancelled my cab booking and stepped back ,then viewed the whole situation differently. I made up my mind to try the Gulab Jamun receipe after “Padhuskitchen” cooking blog. And you know what,they tasted the best ever. After relishing my delicious Jamuns ,ran to the terrace and got drenched. Danced in the rain.Enjoyed the Bangalore rains. Wow . Just wow.  It will almost take a week to get the smile off my face. I chose to stay happy instead of cribbing about the rains.

Each day we have the opportunity to make choices. And the way we choose shapes our destiny. So don’t get disturbed. Instead get excited.

As Paul Theroux observed “ Only fools blame vacation in the rain”.This life is yours. If you don’t take charge of what you want to do in life, who else will? Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life blissful and joyful.

Bottom line : It’s not as much as about who you used to be, it is about who you choose to be. You have the power to choose, but you have no power to escape the necessity of choice.


Fountain Pens I use

Hello Everyone,
I do a fair amount of writing and I thought I would share with all of you my Fountain Pen Collections and how I use them.

I hope my video inspires you. If you are interested, please watch and give a thumbs up!

Thanks for watching.


Things mentioned:

• William Penn Store :
• Luxor Fountain pens : ( for Beginners)
• Flair Fountain Pens : ( for Beginners)
• Sheaffer Pen : ( high end pens)
• Waterman Pen : ( I purchased the black colour) ( high end pens)
• Lamy Safari Neon Lime Special Edition: ( high end pens)
• Penniline Pen case: ( i purchased a case to house 4 pens which currently is not available online)
• Private Reserve Ink PLUM :
• Sheaffer Ink Brown :
• Lamy Turquiose ink :
• You can also browse through Goulet pens site for more information:

Disclaimer: Everything is purchased with my own money. This video is not sponsored. My opinions and views are always 100 percent honest.