Fountain Pens I use

Hello Everyone,
I do a fair amount of writing and I thought I would share with all of you my Fountain Pen Collections and how I use them.

I hope my video inspires you. If you are interested, please watch and give a thumbs up!

Thanks for watching.


Things mentioned:

• William Penn Store :
• Luxor Fountain pens : ( for Beginners)
• Flair Fountain Pens : ( for Beginners)
• Sheaffer Pen : ( high end pens)
• Waterman Pen : ( I purchased the black colour) ( high end pens)
• Lamy Safari Neon Lime Special Edition: ( high end pens)
• Penniline Pen case: ( i purchased a case to house 4 pens which currently is not available online)
• Private Reserve Ink PLUM :
• Sheaffer Ink Brown :
• Lamy Turquiose ink :
• You can also browse through Goulet pens site for more information:

Disclaimer: Everything is purchased with my own money. This video is not sponsored. My opinions and views are always 100 percent honest.


4 thoughts on “Fountain Pens I use

  1. Liked the video very much. Finally someone educated me on the fountain pens . I was introduced to fountain pens from my 10th grade, where it earns u more marks in public exams. I continued with fountains pens till my UG 😊. After the job, I switched back to Ball pen (may be that was given free in my office ☺). Later last year I realised the love for fountain pen. I even bought one for 70 bucks (it is a pen with big nib), I didn’t realize it , since it was packed. The inks spreads all over the paper, so I stopped using it 😔. I would really buy a good one next time by testing one (I hardly find pen shops in chennai) .Thanks for doing a post on fountain pens. I love my handwriting (a fairly good one I suppose) with a fountain pen 🙂

    There is happiness in very small things of Life. 😎😊

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    • Firstly let me thanks a ton for your lengthy comment…

      Go for the Lamy safari one, which i was recommending in the video, you will not be disappointed..they come in various colours…

      Share images of the pen once you get one in my mail id…

      Loved the way you ended the comment: there is happiness in very small things of life…totally true..i practise it….

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