Is Love Magical?

Falling in Love is magical. I have always wished falling in love has traffic lights too, so that you could know if you should go for it, slow down or just stop. Love feels eternal, as if it will last forever.

But as the daily life takes over, the magic recedes. We naively believe that somehow we are exempt from the problems our parents had, free from the odds that love will die, assured that it is meant to be and that we are destined to live happily ever after.

It emerges that men continue to expect women to think and react like men and women expect men to feel and behave like women. Without clear awareness of our differences, we do not take time to understand and respect each other. We become resentful, annoying, disturbed, demanding and intolerant. With the best and most loving intentions love continues to die. Mistrust increases. Communication breaks down. Resentment builds. Magic of love is lost.

Very few people are indeed, able to grow in love. When you understand the hidden difference of the opposite sex, we can give and receive the love in our hearts more successfully. Then love has a chance to blossom.

Bottom line is Love is magical, and it can last, if we remember our differences.


5 thoughts on “Is Love Magical?

    • Hey Steve, Sorry for the late response….Was a little held up with personal stuff….Thanks a ton for the comment..Much appreciated….And yeah, I truly wish it lasts till eternity


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