Believe it or not!!!

Can you believe Ed and Belly nibbled my Maybelline orange color lipstick which i got from e-bay in the GOFS online sale?I know they mistook my lip gloss for carrots. But still, man. Piyu got so mad at them for having done that. But, the anger lasted for less than 10 seconds as they apologized sooner than the soonest. We patched up and later, Eddy, Piyu and Bells ordered the very same product again. Ha ha ha…Btw,this is how they look when they ask forgiveness. Cutest ever.


Can you believe the whole city is painted PINK???

May 1st to May 4th, is undoubtedly the best time of my life. If Almighty appears right in front of me with a boon, I would want to turn back time to those FOUR memorable days. I will cherish my visit to the pink city with my beloved pal, Nitin , till eternity. Miss the genuine family time I experienced with Nitin’s Papa, Mum and my ever loving Divisha.  I was more comfortable at Manasarovar, Aravali Marg than with my own self.  Blood relation is not a criterion at all to be family. I feel happiness is to have a large, loving, caring, closely knit family in another city. And that is exactly what this blog is about readers.

I was at my best outfit; still now vividly remember my white banyan with bluish feminine embroidery in the centre. I reached the airport much ahead of time. Thanks to Bangalore Volvos. I decided to check in with Nitin. Grabbed a tea from Chai point, made myself comfortable in the steel chairs right opposite to gate number 8 with Rolf’s “The art of thinking clearly”. I was so engrossed in the book that I didn’t even notice Nitin waiting behind my seat to get my attention? That’s what he says. I am sure he is exaggerating.

After check in, came to know that our flight were delayed by 45 minutes. Window shopped. Got Divisha’s Ferro Rocher from the airport chocolate store. Discussed at length about liquor chocolate may be because we had nothing left to discuss. Ha Ha Ha.

Finally boarded the flight after cold coffee at CCD. Nitin was deeply depressed that he found no air hostesses of his taste. We prayed at least in our return journey, he could treat his eyes with some beautiful ravishing girls. God is so great, that in our return back to Bangalore, he entertained himself with Daisy Dee, though he got bored after staring at her for half an hour??? Guys are so very much Guys. Lol.

Nitin is blessed with a wonderful family. Got introduced to his mamaji’s, mami’s, cousin brothers and sister’s, grandparents and loads of relatives. Skyped with his sister for hours together who is at Germany. Even for a moment, I never felt I was meeting them for the first time. Felt at home.  Ate from a single plate. Could genuinely feel  so much of love, concern, care, freedom, comfort, attention, security?? Hats off. Slept like a baby without fear or tension.

Apart  from the family time and 2 States movie at Crystal Palm, the next best is “SIGHTSEEING”.

DAY 3 = Uncle’s Masala Chai + Sabudana Vada for breakfast + Govind dev Ji temple + Hawa Mahal + City Palace + Albert Hall Museum + Orange candy at Jantar Mantar + Amer Fort + Jaigarh Fort had the world’s biggest cannon on wheels + Kulfi at Jal Mahal + Shopping at Indira Bazar + Birla Mandir + Rambagh Palace + Crystal Palm + World Trade Park + Sumptuous north Indian lunch at Legendary + Kohle ki Hanumanji + Dungri Ganapathi + Ice cream at Relaince + Pizza Hut + Kuzhalappam + 44 degrees temperature + etc etc etc

Can you believe a whole city is painted pink? You better believe it readers.  JAIPUR – capital city of the colorful state of Rajasthan, famous for its unique and outstanding architecture worldwide – one of the best planned cities in the world – located in the desert lands – Paris of India – planned according to vasthu shastra for the comfort and prosperity of the citizens – streets, walls, forts, markets, gardens, monuments and all other architecture is a state of art. I can go and on, folks.

Let me share some amazing facts about Jaipur. Or let me rephrase it as“ Believe it or not” or “Do you Know” ???

  • When I was out in the road, I noticed each street and market of the city was directed from East to West or North to South?
  • 0141 is the STD code of Jaipur
  • Jaipur was not always a Pink city. It was painted pink in 19th century to welcome the Prince of Wales.
  • The largest exporter of diamond, gold and stone in Asia
  • The only city in the world to finish blue diamond

Funny things to do at Jaipur

  • Elephant ride specially on the way to Amber fort
  • Camel ride
  • Wear Pagadi
  • Enjoy Hukkah
  • Tracing Mehandi
  • Wear Rajasthani apparels
  • Play Iktara
  • Fly a kite
  • Win hearts by speaking Rajasthani language.

Let me conclude by writing travel isn’t fun if you didn’t get to see or do what is wanted, it would merely be a different type of work in a different place.

Miss Jaipur !!! Miss Family !!! Miss home!!! Miss me!!!





For a change, dear readers, I am not here today to give free self help advice. Let me write about my weekend ride in our Manza to a capsicum farm, FLORICA, owned by my husband’s friend, Ramesh, which is around 33kms from my house. Ramesh had been consistently inviting the newly married couple to his vegetable garden. And finally, yesterday was that D day. I shamelessly admit that remembering road names at Bangalore is close to impossible, but if my memory doesn’t deceive me, this heavenly farm is located past Chandapura.

 After bananas, the next in my favourite list is CAPSICUM! CAPSICUM! CAPSICUM! Yipppeeeee…. I was so excited about this picnic like a baby, that I packed my camera ( but foolish me I forgot to charge the batteries????) , umbrellas, munchies and eats, lots of mp3’s in my SanDisk, Calicut famous halwa for Ramesh and his family to delight their taste buds. I dressed up in my favourite white color salwar as my friend hinted, white would look elegant and graceful and stunning and whatsoever, when I pose for snaps for my Nikon in between the bushy capsicum creepers.

I was so elated when Ramesh’s father said we are at Tamilnadu border. OMG !!!  I would give my life for Chennai. Can you imagine, that I made kheer when Jayalalitha won the elections? That sums it all folks.

Now lets get into business. CAPSICUMS….They are grown under shade net houses or greenhouses to get good quality and better yield round the year. Adequate moisture must be available in the soil at the time of plantation.I witnessed a raised bed of red laterite soil, which was highly porous, well drained, providing adequate aeration for root development. If I am not wrong, the seedling was sown in two rows on the raised beds with plastic mulch on order to save water and it checked the growth of weeds.











Some varieties are very vigorous & plant can become as tall as 10 feet plus and they produce about 4 – 5 kg fruits on one plant in their life cycle. As stems are weak, they need support system. Plant stem after transplantation is tied by a plastic or nylon string. Twines are vertical ropes that are tied to horizontal wires on the ceiling at one end and to the crop at another end. If the wire is weak it will break and lead to losses.





Harvesting of capsicum is done at green, breaker and coloured (red/ yellow etc.) stage. Harvesting starts after 60 to 75 days after transplanting. Harvesting at the proper stage of maturity, careful and minimal handling of the produce will help in maintaining better fruit quality and reduce storage losses. Harvesting of capsicum is done by skilled worker in green house and kept in plastic containers and send to the packaging hall.

The capsicums should be graded into same size and color lots according to market requirements.Sorting is done on the basis of shape and weight of capsicum.





Now, the heart and soul of FLORICA – RAMESH AND KAVITHA!!! I will always cherish Florica for their genuine and sincere hospitality, non spicy buttermilk, steaming hot samiya kheer, sweet lemon juice which has never tasted better ever, mahindra bolero, the humidity which the greenhouse showered on me and the list would go and on.



Last but not the least, let me introduce with pride the new brand ambassador for FLORICA capsicums, the ravishing, the beautiful, the stunning, the gorgeousness herself. Here you goooooooooooo….




Do you believe in Love at First Sight?

IMG-20131227-WA0061This is my wallpaper now!!!

Do you believe in love at first sight? I definitely do. You know why? Because I have been loving my mother since i opened my eyes.

My mother is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. Or i will ever come across. All I am i owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.

Without her I would not be the person I am today! I would not have the drive or determination to go after my goals and ambitions in life. She is a great example of how a woman can surpass all expectations and fully succeed in all aspects of life.

Not only is she a wonderful mother, but also a very successful professional.She gives me hope that all my dreams can be fulfilled! I know I do not ever say this or even act like I think this, but her life truly blows me away.

She is an amazing person both inside and out. I hope that one day in the future I can be half the woman she is.

Thank you Dad for this wonderful click…He is the best photographer for me…He has captured all my childhood moments excepting none.

Love you both so much.


It’s Rating time!!! Hikes !!!!! Promotions !!!! Big Candy!!!

Let me share some of the procedures for getting hikes and better ratings. You might wonder are there any standard procedures.  Of course there are.

“Bosses don’t like giving hikes”, that’s the thumb rule. Their KPI’s are towards making profit, not to distribute it. Even if they are so convinced that you have worked hard, they won’t promote you. After all, they are not into philanthropy.

Then we might argue, if they don’t give hikes, we need to stand up for ourselves and demand for it. Fair enough! “If I am not given hikes, I decide to quit”. Seldom works though.

Asking for a hike from your manager is like getting a candy from a kid. You won’t get it how much ever you try. What’s the resemblence between a manager and a kid? It’s just that your boss is a grown up kid.

The only way to get the candy from the kid is through the birbal style. When Birbal was asked to make a line appear smaller without touching it, he drew a bigger line next to it demonstrating the theory of relativity in simplest form, several decades before Einstein.

Now I know what’s running through your mind. What has this got to do with hikes? Treat your manager like a grown up kid, promise him a bigger candy. Tell him if he gives you hikes, you will promise the big candy.

In fact I have tried it myself. I promise to exceed my targets and secured my hike. I just got the better of my boss. It was over ambitious on his part to accept such astronomical numbers, and all the more ambitious to expect that out of me.

Now what if your boss reduces your salary seeing you’re less than targeted performance? If he reduces your salary, you can tell him you are thoroughly demotivated and so my work is suffering. Make him feel that you will use ‘lack of promotion’ as an excuse to poorer performance.

Do you want to be promoted at CM II? Answer frankly. Don’t be shy. I asked this to my colleague. She said I don’t think I am ready for it. I just replied “All she needs to do is to grasp the secret to climb the corporate ladder bureaucracy. It’s a simple procedure. Ha Ha Ha

People get promoted to the level of incompetency. This means one should ask for promotion even if he thinks he is not competent enough??? No No No. New employees start at lower ranks, prove to be exceeding expectations in their assigned tasks, they get promoted and move up the ladder. This goes on indefinitely till the employee reaches a position where he/she is no longer competent.

The same being year-end, let me give you some easy steps for promotion which XXXX  Bank taught me. He he he

1)      First bring tiny results

2)      Create a subtle indication that if you are motivated you would bring better results

3)      Signal to your boss that you are under performing in the current role and would do wonders if promoted

4)      Ensure that your boss always feels that you will be his loyal subject, irrespective of promotion

5)      Show conviction- give him an impression that you are pre wired from birth for that position ONLY

6)      Give him an impression that he is going to create history by slaying old practices by promoting you soonest

7)      Make your boss the war hero. Celebrate false victory. Thank your boss for the promotion even before he commits anything on it.

8)      If you don’t get promoted, instead of quitting you will stay in the system and create additional nuisance.

9) Golden rule – Bosses jokes are always funny

10) Don’t underestimate your abilities. Your boss will take care of it.

11) First and foremost, recognize your bosses voice over phone

12) Fall in love with the swooshing sound, papers make when they fly by when you dont meet you deadlines. Because you will encounter this quite often in the daily huddles.

13) If you are caught sleeping, your immediate response should be , “Darn, why did you interrupt me. I had almost figured out a stunning solution to our biggest problem”.

Finally Fitness 9

So I have finally decided to shed my tires. If I need to pen down my first day atFITNESS 9, here you go ” Tricky, Confusing, Intimidating and Noisy”.

As i stepped into the fitness center with my lumpy thighs for the first time, I was surprised and in awe. Though I have been to a gym when I was at Doshi, I had no trainer for me. Using the gym was part of the maintenance charges we paid. I mean, obviously if i had to pay 1200/- for a month at Fitness 9, I should at least have a trainer, right???
Every instrument was looking so confusing and complicated. I have just used Treadmill, Cycling and Stepper to look super stunning in the last to last year, because my family felt youngsters didn’t want me as their life partner, as I was out of shape????
I dressed with my maroon t shirt and black tracks,wore sketchers, carried my pink tupperware filled with H2O and my audiobook (Nexus which my husband gifted on my first bday after getting wedded) which would be my friend on the treadmill.
Entering into a fitness facility is like walking into a funfair. New faces. Assortment of physical appearances. Like entering a small town where everyone are inevitably involved in one group or the other.
If you really want to have a great time at the gym , i personally feel you should understand the people and make right friends. apart from Pari (my trainer) , made friends with Divya , a fashion designer and also bumped into Jyothi ( she stayes in the ground floor where my MIL lives).
After all cycling and  stretching exercises and steppers and  treadmilling and weights and cramps and pain, right now relaxing with my green label filter coffee..

Happiness – Life’s Greatest Gift

“Life was much happier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits”


Happiness is a gift, not a commodity. We should find happiness even in the small things which we take for granted-a smile, a wave, a pat on the back, a warm hug, a kiss, a helping hand, a promise kept, a phone call from your long lost friend, giving surprises and so on. Every new day holds out a chance to make a new beginning. Even the poor has the ability to cultivate and share happiness. Ultimately, it’s all in the mind, right?  At school, I remember sitting at my study to mug up formulas for Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product as the same was a sure question for Economics paper. I was astonished to realize that Thailand publishes Gross National Happiness (GNH) figures?Australia, Canada and China are also in the same path.Curious to know how the same is being calculated, though.


When we can decide how to respond to situations that we confront, when we can choose what to see and hear, when we are responsible for our happiness and unhappiness, should we not be focusing on happiness and not the lack of it? We cannot control how others react. But we definitely can be in charge of how we react to the same. Lets respond with love and calmness. Lets spread the life’s greatest gift- Happiness to all surrounding us and in turn be joyful by inculcating positive feelings in their hearts. Let us sweep the toxic waste of hatred, anger, jealousy and petty disappointments from our life and ensure that flowers of love and peace bloom in our hearts.Let me recollect what Mata Amritanandhamayi once preached in a Sat sung which I happened to listen to when broadcasted in Amrita TV ” 80-90% of the events that we encounter is well within our control. Worrying about the remaining 10-20 % leads us to nowhere but  UNHAPPINESS and stress “. So please take out few minutes from your busy schedule to re look into yourselves as to whether we are leading our life in the right direction.


The Vedas uphold Self as a Lotus which growing in muddy waters, which rises above the mud and blooms into a beautiful flower. Let us cultivate positive people and avoid toxic individuals. We are given only one mind,body and soul. So lets take care of it and enjoy the same to the fullest.