Kangana Ranaut is the Queen of Hearts!!!

mish-boyko_kangana-ranauit_queen-copyVikas Bahl’s movie was not supposed to make so much of money. “Queen” made on a meagre budget of 170 million rupees was initially plotted as a niche film that would hardly threaten Indian box office records. And this movie released on the eve of International Women’s day, if I am not wrong, had a disappointing first day earning just 15 million rupees. But, three and a half weeks later, Queen had nearly earned 600 million rupees, breaking Bollywood record. That’s not my survey readers. Google says so.Great post release marketing strategy I guess???

The movie is amazing. IMDB gives a 9/10. I needn’t explain anything further. Kangana has played a fabulous job playing Rani. Vikas has left no scope for improvement in any scene. Each scene is so perfectly scripted, edited and shot. Queen without makeup , in Lajpatnagar jeans, before the movie is over, I bet you would have already fallen in love with her.

The start of Queen’s journey bears resemblance to that of Sridevi’s in ‘English Vinglish’. This Delhi beauty is as nervous on her flight to Paris as that Pune housewife was when she was flying to America. Their confused expressions on the flight, their Indian attire, the dilemmas of what to eat and whom to speak with seem identical. However, that’s just a brief resemblance.

Rani and Vijay are set to be married but the wedding is called off whenqueen Vijay decides he has moved ahead of Rani. She then goes on the honeymoon trip she had planned – all alone. Through the journey , Rani discovers the joys of breaking free, cherishing life and living on her own terms.

What’s good?

The best thing about Queen is that it’s uncluttered, simple and sweet, clever script and engaging.

Can you explain any movie is 2 lines? The answer is yes. Queen is one of those kinds. Every moment you feel cosy and keeps you smiling. So real characters. Brilliant cast. I love Rani’s family, her three friends at Amsterdam, the Italian chef.

 Kangana is a delight, a surprising capacity of both comedy and emotion. You pick any scene – be it the gol gappas, the drunken scene, the ride back home after she is dumped, fighting off a mugger on a street, she is at her best.

 Lisa in her small role is fab. Director Vikas displays brilliance. Music is completely in sync with the movie. Funny dialogues.

What’s bad:
Nothing. Except that I can see it is women audience movie . and those films are ‘generally’ not considered commercially viable. But that is such a small drawback when this movie gets everything else so right.

What to do:
Log in to Book my show and grab your tickets.Queen is irresistible. A must-see film. You will leave the theatre with your heart humming happily.

 If you need one reason to watch this movie, watch it for Kangana’s acting.

Watch the trailer:






6407710d6aaf7429450f6a7067003466_r620x349If you have to choose which one to DVD amongst a bunch of 281 CD’s, I would admit without hesitation that it’s a million times tougher than clearing CA exam with exemption in the first attempt. Zeroed down to final films completed by Paul Walker before he dies in the car crash – HOURS!! Many tributes were paid to the handsome charming 40 year old, known for his undercover lawman in Fast and Furious movies. Paul Walker produced this film while this is the directional debut venture of Heisserer.

The movie is set in New Orleans hospital, a father struggling to keep his new-born baby alive when Katrina gains more urgency. Nolan gets into the hospital with his wife, Abigail (I am so much in love with that name) in premature labor as the hurricane gains full strength. His child had to be kept in ventilator and his wife dies in 5 hours of delivery.

Once the flood water rises, the hospital is forced to evacuate. This leaves the father and the child alone as the ventilator cannot be moved. Nolan will spend 42 hours in the hospital, without power as the back-up generator fails, cranking up the battery every two minutes, guarding his new-born hooked up to an IV,speaking to his silent daughter by pulling out photos of her mother ( including the wedding and engagement ring)- put them on top of the ventilator, hunting for refill bags, changing diapers for the first time, looking for radio transmission when he loses cell phone reception, rushing to roof top back and forth failing to flag down a helicopter.

All the while, he has to return so very meticulously to crank the battery, again and again.

Walker manages both to be tender and tough. Hours follow a fairly predictable path. But it’s at its best when it’s so quiet. There is no way to look at the movie except though the “tragic lens”. Nolan is working hard here, and has to carry the entire show, but many of the interactions he has with his co-actors are flimsy and melodramatic. Hours gave me a “127 hours” feel that Nolan is stuck in the same room doing the same thing over and over again. If you ask me how is the movie – Tense, sad  strange and uniquely involving. The film has done a good job with hurricane as a backdrop, incorporating real realities of what went on –looting, abandoned hospitals, evacuations. To see Nolan at his best, Hours is worth the time.

Wake Up Sid….Wake Up…..

downloadWatched my all time favorites “Wake up Sid” movie yesterday.If my memory doesn’t deceive me, the 19th time.In case you folks have not watched the same,grab the CD right away.It’s a must watch cinema.

The film takes place in contemporary Mumbai and tells the story of a spoiled careless,rich kid who is taught the meaning of life by Aisha,an aspiring writer from Calcutta.

Ayan Mukherji shows us Sid struggling with accounting the night before his final exam. He’s had four cups of coffee( i think four, not sure whether its more than that) and stays up till 3 am but he doesn’t get past the first question.This is one of my favourite scene in the film, probably because it reminds me of my darling Sisi and me myself during our Chartered Accountant Preps Study Hols. “Returns Outwards not included in Sales” Classic !!!

There is a lovely little scene in which Sid makes a cake for Aisha’s birthday. Awwwww…..That scene when Sid is photographing a mother cuddling up her kid. In a flash, Sid becomes aware of his own love for his mother. Or Sid’s outburst at Aisha at the fag end when she calls him a bachcha. After the outburst, a teary-eyed Aisha smiles at Sid. It’s the moment when she realizes that Sid is no more a kid. I can go on and on.

download (1)But honestly, the one who blew me away is Konkona Sen Sharma. One of the most talented actresses in India today, she is totally convincing as the young, independent career-woman and makes her character very easy to relate to thanks to her natural acting and no-nonsense attitude. Oh, and she is simply gorgeous here. I must note that I did not expect Ranbir and Konkona to form a romantic couple, but they proved me wrong.

Now for the music, the TRIO, Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy, known for their hit and melodious soundtracks, ULTIMATE. Karan Johan + SEL+ Javed Akthar = Let me go to Thesaurus for an apt word . Have you noticed SEL’s music compositions? The song begins very slowly and then it picks up pace.

  1. KYA KAROON, good experiments with instruments, melodious and fast,be ready to tap your feet, lots of flavour, lots of instuments, lots of emotions, WOW WOW Clinton.
  2. AAJ KAL ZINDIGI -Inspirational, Fast beat towards the end of the song adds a lot of zing to it. Hats off Javed Sahab. “Tere liye nayee hai zameen naya aasman”.
  3. IKTARA – First in my playlist. I have pestered Nitin for the translation. Kavitha’s captivating voice. A Hindustani Composition.Heavy dose of guittar strumming.The best song in the album.
  4. Life is Crazy -Brimming with Vibrancy and energy. Certainly a fab song to hum all the way. Sure hit among youngsters.

download (2)I would call the movie and music “flawless”.There are five things which make the movie a delightful affair. It has constant flow throughout,no over the top or understated drama,no ultra emotional strangulation of audiences, no yippee cool dude act and last but not the least,its an original refreshing movie.No matter I movie the same a million times,I wouldn’t get bored of it…

The World’s Best Dog Vs The World’s Only Dog Which gets Kicked out of the Obedience School


There are two things I need to disclose before you read this article of mine. One, is that I LOVE dogs. Second is that I don’t cry at movies. Hollywood movies about pets, in my opinion, are annoyingly cute. This movie is titled “MARLEY AND ME”, featuring Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson, where Marley is the dog, but it isn’t really about Marley, but about the people around Marley. The movie is about marriage, sacrifice, importance of commitment, finding happiness and joy at unexpected places. I would say that this film is a must for dog lovers. Grogan’s hyperactive lab isn’t just a dog you see, but who keeps the family together in their ups and downs , which actually is a part and parcel of every couple’s life.

Who wouldn’t love a yellow fur ball that doesn’t chew household items, but actually eats them? Marley was labeled the “world’s worst dog” by his owners, only to figure out later that Marley was not a bad dog after all, but a beloved member of their family.

John and Jenny are happily married journalist couple, who like most other young couples, decide to start off their family with a dog. But Marley is not your ordinary yellow Labrador. He is actually a four-legged eating machine. Marley eats up everything, including the answering machine, the diamond necklace and transforms the house into a mess. Sofas are a favorite treat of his.

I honestly believe you would have to have a heart of stone for not falling in love with Marley. One of the most interesting events occurs when the Grogans were at a dinner. Marley is secured to the dining table and drinks are served. However, when Marley spots another dog strutting down the road, he charges after , dragging the metal table with him. Needless to say that the family didn’t take Marley out  for too many dinners thereafter.

Marley is sent out of the obedience school. He terrorizes pet sitters making it impossible for John and Jenny to go out on a vacation. He ends up having nervous breakdowns when there is thunder and lightning. So what is the glue that keeps the family together? It’s nothing but Marley’s unconditional and irrevocable love for the Grogans.

A dog doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb.Give it your heart and he’ll give you his.Who will make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary? Sometimes  a smelly dog with  worse manners  and pure intentions  help us look into ourselves. How true it is that a dog has no use for fancy cars,or big homes or designer clothes.A waterlogged stick will do just fine