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Kangana Ranaut is the Queen of Hearts!!!

mish-boyko_kangana-ranauit_queen-copyVikas Bahl’s movie was not supposed to make so much of money. “Queen” made on a meagre budget of 170 million rupees was initially plotted as a niche film that would hardly threaten Indian box office records. And this movie released on the eve of International Women’s day, if I am not wrong, had a disappointing first day earning just 15 million rupees. But, three and a half weeks later, Queen had nearly earned 600 million rupees, breaking Bollywood record. That’s not my survey readers. Google says so.Great post release marketing strategy I guess???

The movie is amazing. IMDB gives a 9/10. I needn’t explain anything further. Kangana has played a fabulous job playing Rani. Vikas has left no scope for improvement in any scene. Each scene is so perfectly scripted, edited and shot. Queen without makeup , in Lajpatnagar jeans, before the movie is over, I bet you would have already fallen in love with her.

The start of Queen’s journey bears resemblance to that of Sridevi’s in ‘English Vinglish’. This Delhi beauty is as nervous on her flight to Paris as that Pune housewife was when she was flying to America. Their confused expressions on the flight, their Indian attire, the dilemmas of what to eat and whom to speak with seem identical. However, that’s just a brief resemblance.

Rani and Vijay are set to be married but the wedding is called off whenqueen Vijay decides he has moved ahead of Rani. She then goes on the honeymoon trip she had planned – all alone. Through the journey , Rani discovers the joys of breaking free, cherishing life and living on her own terms.

What’s good?

The best thing about Queen is that it’s uncluttered, simple and sweet, clever script and engaging.

Can you explain any movie is 2 lines? The answer is yes. Queen is one of those kinds. Every moment you feel cosy and keeps you smiling. So real characters. Brilliant cast. I love Rani’s family, her three friends at Amsterdam, the Italian chef.

 Kangana is a delight, a surprising capacity of both comedy and emotion. You pick any scene – be it the gol gappas, the drunken scene, the ride back home after she is dumped, fighting off a mugger on a street, she is at her best.

 Lisa in her small role is fab. Director Vikas displays brilliance. Music is completely in sync with the movie. Funny dialogues.

What’s bad:
Nothing. Except that I can see it is women audience movie . and those films are ‘generally’ not considered commercially viable. But that is such a small drawback when this movie gets everything else so right.

What to do:
Log in to Book my show and grab your tickets.Queen is irresistible. A must-see film. You will leave the theatre with your heart humming happily.

 If you need one reason to watch this movie, watch it for Kangana’s acting.

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Do you believe in Love at First Sight?

IMG-20131227-WA0061This is my wallpaper now!!!

Do you believe in love at first sight? I definitely do. You know why? Because I have been loving my mother since i opened my eyes.

My mother is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. Or i will ever come across. All I am i owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.

Without her I would not be the person I am today! I would not have the drive or determination to go after my goals and ambitions in life. She is a great example of how a woman can surpass all expectations and fully succeed in all aspects of life.

Not only is she a wonderful mother, but also a very successful professional.She gives me hope that all my dreams can be fulfilled! I know I do not ever say this or even act like I think this, but her life truly blows me away.

She is an amazing person both inside and out. I hope that one day in the future I can be half the woman she is.

Thank you Dad for this wonderful click…He is the best photographer for me…He has captured all my childhood moments excepting none.

Love you both so much.